Tarpon & Bonefish Research Center

Online Tag Reporting

If you recapture a tagged bonefish or tarpon please record length, weight, date, location and call 1-888-754-7531.

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Recovering Tags

Help us find satellite tags that have detached from tarpon. Click on the pictures below, can you spot the tag?
Each year the TBRC attaches dozens of high tech satellite tags to tarpon throughout the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to help us understand their migratory patterns. This work would not be possible without our enormous network of guides and anglers who help us locate and catch these amazing fish throughout their range. In addition to the guides and anglers who help place the tags we also rely on volunteers like you who can help us locate these tags when they detach from the tarpon.


Did you Know?


Bonefish can cross the Gulf Stream?
While a bonefish catch is always gratifying for the avid angler, one caught in the Bahamian flats off southwestern Andros Island in December proved even more satisfying for the researchers who study bonefish migration. [...]


Tarpon can dive as deep as143 meters (489ft)?
Of the 24 tags deployed in Florida Bay and the Keys in 2007-2008,three tarpon (T53, T56, T60) recorded depths greater than 130 m (427 ft), with the maximum of 149 m (489 ft). This depth shattered our previous deep-diving tarpon record of 108 m (354 ft).[...]