Construction of Receiver Mounts

Chris and Bruce preparing the mount molds prior to pouring concrete.

As part of our research project we are collaborating with both Dr. Mike Heithaus’s  ( ) and Dr. Jennifer Rehage’s (  labs at FIU to install a single hydro-acoustic array to track the movements of multiple species. Before we deployed our section of the array we wanted to meet with Adam Rosenblatt and Phil Matich (two PhD students in Dr.  Mike Heithaus’s lab at FIU) who have several years’ experience tracking alligators and sharks in the Tarpon Bay / Shark River region.

Final receiver mount with VR2W receiver in place.

Over the years they have greatly improved the design of a mount specifically for holding VR2W receivers in the high current environment found along the edges of rivers and creeks in the Everglades. After talking with Adam and Phil we built 15 additional mounts with very similar specs to theirs.



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