Broad Key Weather Station Calibration and Tag Recovery

Jiangang, Neil Hammerschlag ( and I headed out to Broad Key to service TBRC’s weather station and try to find a tag that had come off a scalloped hammerhead. The broad key station is about 30 miles from RSMAS so we needed to picked a nice day to head there on our 16ft flats boat. The water in Biscayne Bay was flat, gin clear and the Broad Key station looked wonderful with royal poincians in full bloom. Jiangang had the station re-calibrated in a little over an hour and then we headed off the find the tag. Within 20 minutes of searching through the mangroves we found it and saw that a large portion of the float had been sanded off by the rough skin of the shark. Even though this specific type of tag does not log data, retrieval is extremely important for the never ending improvements that we make to ensure that we are using the best design as possible.



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