Tarpon Fishing in North Miami

Last week Jed Lipinski (a journalist from New York, www.jedlipinski.com ) was in town interviewing Jerry on a story about using data from satellite tarpon tags to help refine hurricane models. After a full day of learning everything tarpon and some of the technical aspects of satellite tags we took him into the field to see and catch a south Florida tarpon.

Captain Russell Kleppinger (https://www.facebook.com/fishpicks) out of North Miami had agreed to take us out for a night of fishing on his killer Egret. We met up and 9 o’clock and went to some of his standard tarpon hotspots. During this time of the year, large 100lb + fish are rare and we were just hoping for some smaller fish so Jed could see how special tarpon are in the wild. We each had a chance to hooked up and fight a 15-20 lber on light tackle which was a total blast. In total we brought 5 tarpon boat-side so Russell could get a DNA swab. On top of the tarpon action the snook were biting pretty hard and we caught and release 4.  Despite all the fishing action, the highlight of the night was watching a small school of tarpon track and strike ballyhoo as they tried to swim by.

Jerry fighting tarpon

Jerry fighting tarpon

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