Looking for Permit in Biscayne Bay

A couple of days ago I went out with Molly Adams in our research lab and her husband Captain Elmo (https://www.facebook.com/KeysCowboy) to try to catch and tag large permit. To my knowledge nobody has placed a satellite tag in a permit before and I am very excited to see if we can get one to work.  They are a spectacular fish and there is still so much to learn about their movements. We have a small pop-off archival tag that was  provided by Microwave Telemetry (http://www.microwavetelemetry.com/fish/Xtag.cfm) that should be perfect for permit. We worked the flats in the northern part of Biscayne Bay during an evening high tide and saw a few but were not able to hook up any. This is going to be a challenge…….

Frigate Captain Elmo Molly and Elmo Sunset in Stiltsville

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