North Miami Winter Tarpon

On Tuesday Captain Russ Kleppinger ( called Jiangang to see we would like to try to tag a tarpon. He was taking out RJ Boyle ( and Seth Horne who were working on a short film for “In the Spread” ( on night time tarpon fishing. They had some room on the boat and were hoping one of us could join them to tag a tarpon. I was extremely excited to get out with Capt Russ again and agreed to meet him at 7:30 at his place in North Miami.  North Miami Tarpon

The night before he had jumped 10 large tarpon but this night things were a bit slower. After several hours of marking tarpon but no bites we finally hooked up a big one at 10:30. It took us an hour and a half to get it to the side of the boat. It was a beautiful 132lb tarpon and within a few minutes we attached a SPOT tag. It swam away energetically after a few minutes of revival and two days later we have heard from the fish near Delray Beach. What a great night and many thanks to Capt. Russ, RJ and Seth for helping to make this tagging possible. We look forward to seeing where this tarpon does this winter.

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