Winter Tarpon

Winter time in south Florida is something special and when we get a week like this one, it is hard to imagine a better place to be. Cool air, calm seas, crystal clear water and fish everywhere. Whether you are offshore, on the reef or in the flats these first few cold fronts bring about an amazing change in the marine community after a long stagnant summer. Of course one of our favorite fish, the Tarpon, is also down here to enjoy the climate.

A buddy of mine Kirk Kilfoyle at NSU Oceanographic Center gave me a call the other day to report a large school of tarpon he had been seeing lately. I went out on the water with him to check them out and to talk about some future research ideas. You can see a dozen or so in this video out of at least 50 that were cruising around in the area. Several of these fish are the 100lb plus adults that we have tracked with satellite tags moving up and down the eastern coast but you will also notice some smaller ones mixed in. Where will they go next? From some of our previous work we know that a lot of them will be sticking around for the shrimp runs in the coming months before they make their way down to the Keys, but there is still much to learn about these beautiful fish.


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